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Welcome to 'Walkden Lives'. There's so much information out there about Walkden and so much waiting to be discovered. On this site, I hope to draw together the various sources - censuses, newspaper articles and so on - to bring to life the streets where our ancestors shopped, worked, ate, prayed, relaxed and lived. If you're new to this site, please start with the blog - I update it two to three times each week with a mix of 'Old News', articles, and research into the people and locations of Walkden.


My background is in history - I have a BA (Hons.) First in

Politics, specialising in Political History, and an MA in

Political History(the emergence of fascism in the socialist

parties of the 1920s/30s). I've been researching my

family history for several years and now it's

the lives of ordinary people, rather than politicians,

that intrigues me.

Mechanical geniuses, like George Stephenson

and Samuel Crompton, may have kick-started the

industrial revolution, but the ordinary people of Britain

were the ones who worked the railways, in the mills or

down the coal mines. Like so many small towns in Britain,

Walkden grew because of the industrial revolution and

it changed the way we work, live, shop , worship

and entertain ourselves. On this site, I hope to record

these so called ordinary 'Walkden Lives' so that the people 

of Walkden's future can learn more about Walkden's

not so ordinary past.


hey You - yes, you!


If you lived, grew up or worked in Walkden, I'd love to hear your memories and share them on the 'Walkden Memories' section of the site. Photographs of old Walkden especially welcome! You can contact me via the 'Contact Us' page, by email at or via Facebook  or Twitter